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Emergency Plan & Procedures


Fire Safety Management is required for certain types of buildings under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 (QLD). Pacific Approvals Pty Ltd prepares emergency plans and emergency response procedures in accordance with relevant State legislation and Australian Standards.


We inspect your premises to collect the information required to prepare emergency procedures for your Emergency Control Organisation. We ensure that your procedures are tailor-made for your premises, taking into consideration the nature of the building and the fire safety equipment installed. In addition, we make recommendations as to the appropriate safety equipment which should be installed in your organisation.


QBCC Licence No. 1255141

Emergency Evacuation Signs & Diagrams


Pacific Approvals Pty Ltd provide high quality emergency evacuation signs & diagrams which are designed to comply with the relevant State legislation and Australian Standards. For example diagrams will include but are not limited to:

• Floor plan;
• Site map showing assembly point;
• Address of the building;
• Location of exits and evacuation paths;
• Location of fire fighting equipment;
• Location of the designated assembly area;
• Location of specialised emergency information e.g. First Aid Kits,

hazardous chemical storage;
• Emergency contact numbers;

• The number of Fire Wardens and type of training required.