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Fire Engineered Alternative Solutions


The Building Code of Australia is a performance-based document whereby the 'Performance Requirements' must be met to attain compliance. Compliance with the Performance Requirements can be achieved by complying with either the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions (DtS), or formulating an Alternative Solution, or a combination of DtS and Alternative Solution.

It is not uncommon that the DtS Provisions may be too onerous to apply to a particular design of a building or even part of a building, without adding extra costs to the project.

Pacific Approvals Pty Ltd is at all times committed to working with a client from the design stage through to the final stage of a project ensuring the most cost effective design whilst maintaining legislative compliance.



Fire Safety


Pacific Approvals Pty Ltd specialises in the inspection of and reporting on buildings (including existing, temporary or special structures) against fire performance legislation, such as the Building Code of Australia and the Building Act 1975. We certify, inspect and test fire protection systems and give fire safety advice and fire safety reports.